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Irises In February

This will be our first Spring in our new house, and the first signs are starting to come out of the ground. First count of the bulbs sprouting is 53. Here's to hoping that they survive the remaining cold weather coming our way!

Can you guess what season this photo was taken? If you guessed Fall, you would be wrong! I took this today, February 9th. Those Oak leaves are holding tight! I just love our sunny breakfast nook with the bay window. It faces South, so it gets morning, afternoon, and evening sun! It is one of my favorite places to hang out!

Winter view of our Crabapple tree... it will be georgeous in Spring! We plan to take a few of the lower limbs off so that it will be easier for Matt to mow. I am really looking forward to seeing the seasonal changes throughout our yard.

Gotta love the dry brown bushy things ... they are ridiculously overgrown Mums. Yes, you heard me correctly, Mums!! We plan on trimming tose to the ground. Stay tuned for many yard projects to come...