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On my mind...

With the leaves changing, falling, and collecting on our lawn, I can't help but dread the coming of Winter. I hate everything about winter... cold, wind, snow, ice, bare trees, sunset before making it home from work, did I mention cold... I even hate the word Winter. I went to school with a girl named Winter and I always felt depressed for her. I love Spring because it means the end of Winter and eight to nine months of non-Winter bliss. Winter, Winter stay away, come again a later day!

This face brings so many emotions.

[fondness] when he looks at me for help doing small things like going up and down stairs,
[annoyance] when he has just nipped at my ankle... again, or jumped up and landed his muddy paws on the pants I was dressed in for work, ugh,
[compassion] when he is so happy to see me come home from work and then pees for 2 minutes straight because he had to hold it for so long,
[exasperation] when he pees in the kitchen immediately after having peeing in the yard 5 mins before... instances are few and far between,
[love] when he burries his head in my neck when he realizes it is time to go in his kennel and I rub his belly for a little while longer,
[longing] for when he is older and we are no longer in constant training mode.. it is exhasuting,
[jubilation] when he masters a new trick.. so far, "sit", "down", working on "bang, bang", up next "stay"

One day at a time!

I'm not outwardly political. The truth is, I am not very confident in my political rhetoric. On the other hand, I do feel strongly about the upcoming election... more so than the past two elections in which I have voted. In the first Presidential Election, Bush vs. Gore, I voted for Gore due to the enlightening rundown my political advisor(s) gave me at the last minute. My advisor(s) shall remain nameless, however, you must take into account that I was only 18, away at college for the first time, and the news was the last thing I was interested in watching, if you catch my drift. During the next Presidential Election, Bush vs. Kerry, I was a little more enlightened on my own. I took it upon myself to get to know more about John Kerry... his views, beliefs, message, and platform. By that point, I knew enough about Bush to make my decision an easy one. Kerry was a strong opponent, and then, it happened again. So now, going into the third election of my adult life, and I am 0 for 2. Matt and I have followed the election closely. During the primaries, he pulled for Clinton, and to everyone's suprise, Obama was my front runner. I enjoy watching Obama speak and share his message with the nation. I believe his shining moment was the Democratic National Convention, which I watched with bated breath, hoping everything went well and his speech was strong, uplifting, and inspiring, and, for me, it was! It gave me goosebumps and I felt pride in the Democratic party. I know that emotion doesn't win an election and actions speak louder than words, but I think that the prospect of change can go a long way. It is amazing to me that Republican supporters actually believe that Barrack Obama is a terrorist because of how his name is pronounced and spelled. The political distractions thrust on the American public are just that, distractions, when we face the possibility of an ever dwindling economy and impending taxation of healthcare benefits. I will be very interested to see the outcome of this election. I truly feel that the third time's the charm!
[[For the record, at the age of 10, our school held mock elections for the entire 5th grade. It was Bush vs. Clinton. I voted for Bush, because as a 8 year-old, I had the privelege of standing on stage in front of thousands of people at the North Carolina Apple Festival dressed as an apple, next to Barbara Bush, who was wearing sequined shoes. Those shoes really made an impression on me at such a young age, and when it came to choosing the president, fashion talked. When I arrived home to announce my vote, I was less than thrilled when my parents shot me glances stating, "You what?". ]]