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Pumpkins 2008... stolen!

News Flash... Update...

That's right, the awesome pumpkins seen in my previous post went missing from our front porch magically during Barack Obama's 30 minute airtime special.

Matt walked past the front window and yelled out to ask what happened to the pumpkins. I thought maybe the candles had burned out, but sadly, the pumpkins were gone. We looked all through the yard and out in the street in front of our house to see if they had been destroyed as a political retalliation, but there was no sign of smashed pumpkin anywhere around. We drove the streets to see if we could catch anyone walking by foot carrying two very large orange globes that were probably still glowing. From what I can tell, I am the only one with missing pumpkins. Matt thinks someone really liked them and took them for their own porch. Well, they did look pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself ;) We live in a safe family neighborhood, right at the intersection of two private cul-de-dacs with no outlet, so it is not likely it was just a random passerby. I have my suspicions that it was some of the teenagers that live at the end of the cul-de-sac. I really wanted to knock on their door last night and have their parents put them on the spot.

Once it sank in that they were missing, I wanted to call the police. Obviously, not to file a stolen pumpkin report, but to ask if we could borrow a car for approximately 15-20 minutes just to sit in front of our house with it's lights on to put a scare out there and get the neighbors talking. Who am I kidding!?!

No pumpkins, no candy for trick-or-treaters this year! Instead, we will be walking the neighborhood, looking at everyone's stoop, trying to to locate our pumpkin snatcher. In the meantime, I was thinking about putting a sign out reading, "NO MORE HOPE!", or two RIP tombstones with photos of my pumpkins right where they were sitting when I last saw them.

:: sigh ::