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Internet Savvy

The Internet is an amazing tool. These two sites have made my life a little easier lately!

a. Craigslist

Awesome! Instead of having to contact the local newspaper and pay a few bucks to list the desk and chairs we have for sale, it took me about 15 minutes and they were posted. A few days later, someone picked them up, handed me cash, loaded them into their car, and made my house a little less cluttered! Yay for simplicity!

b. Domino's Pizza

That's right, Domino's! I usually don't like domino's, but we decided to order one night last week. I went online to find the phone # and closest location, only to discover I could just order and pay online, awesome! But that's not all... not only can you order (choosing between all of their specials, toppings, etc.) and pay, but you can track your pizza from order to delivery at your door. It told me when "John" was creating my pizza, then when he put it in the oven, then when he took it out of the oven and put it in a box, and then when "Lisa" left the store to bring it to my house! I was more than thrilled to receive it within 25 minutes, and was so delighted to leave them a good review on their site.