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2009 Resolutions status ...
(1) Find a workout routine that will help me get in shape without losing any weight. I can't afford to lose a lb, but don't like getting out of breath with slightest exertion of energy.
Not yet, but it is still on my mind!
(2) Keep up the weekly organization projects that I started in November.
I have completed a few projects here and there. I cleaned out my laundry room cabinets and rearranged things. I also reorganized the kitchen pantry. I'm sure I will find plenty of other projects!
(3) Put away the laundry weekly instead of piling it and getting dressed from the piles.
Following this one completely and it is making our mornings so much easier!
(4) Eat healthier and plan for meals.
Haven't planned anything yet, however, I am eating healthier and thinking about what I am eating each time.
(5) End the procrastination and do things when I originally plan to do them.
I think procrastination is in my blood. I will always struggle with this!
(6) Pay off my credit card by mid-February.
This goal will be met the 2nd or 3rd week of February. Yipee!!
(7) Read more books. I miss relaxing and reading books.
I haven't read anything other than my magazines and the newspaper. Hopefully I will find some good summer reads by the time the weather gets warm.
(8) Call friends and family more often.
Still working on this one!
(9) Keep up with my blog more consistently.
As you can see, it is still only a weekend thing. We shall see what comes!