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Sunshine Boys

Weekend Indoors


Savannah, Georgia
photo credit: Imke Lass

The weather in the DC area this weekend:

sat - high of 28, low of -3
sun - high of 40, low of 25

Wishing I was in the photo, sipping that beautiful drink, soaking up the rays!


Office :: Matt's new 52" LCD took over our family room, so our office inherited the 42". We will be getting Verizon Fios installed later this month, both for better services and options, as well as saving money on our monthly bill. This room just needs the semi-circular sofa from my grandmother and it will be complete.

Family Room :: the table needed a fresh start after the holidays. I just simplified the previous look. The bowl belonged to my grandfather and appears to be from when my mom's family lived in California.

Craft Room :: after a year of living in our house, I finally sorted, recycled, discarded, organized, etc. This room stored a culmination of my things from interior architecture school and college in general, from my business, and from my hobbies. It is so refreshing for everything to have a place again. I might actually get around to doing some stationery or crafts again. We shall see!

Morning Fun

Happy New Year!

2009 Resolutions. I will ...

(1) Find a workout routine that will help me get in shape without losing any weight. I can't afford to lose a lb, but don't like getting out of breath with slightest exertion of energy.

(2) Keep up the weekly organization projects that I started in November.

(3) Put away the laundry weekly instead of piling it and getting dressed from the piles.

(4) Eat healthier and plan for meals.

(5) End the procrastination and do things when I originally plan to do them.

(6) Pay off my credit card by mid-February.

(7) Read more books. I miss relaxing and reading books.

(8) Call friends and family more often.

(9) Keep up with my blog more consistently.

the guest room II


  • painted walls
  • replaced switch plates
one year plan:
  • select and hang art
  • select accessories
  • paint trim
  • paint closet doors
  • install ceiling light fixture
  • design/sew window treatments
  • new bedding
  • select bed frame, night stands, and dressers
three year plan:
  • replace carpet - unsure if new carpeting or hardwoods
and, if we decide to stay in this house for an extended period of time...

ten year plan:
  • no ideas at this time

I would love to hear your thoughts, recommendations, or critiques!  Comment below or e-mail me.

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