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The Intellectual

"what, no, i'm not peeing on your plants right in front of you"
"ahh the sun... i love the sun!"
"sit, what is that command you are giving me, i shall not"
"no, i certainly was not smelling the roses, as if..."
"face it honey, i am just too smart for you"

The Goofball

"running, running, running"
"my stick, my stick"
"lick, lick, lick"
"you lookin' at me?"

Call Me Crazy

My lovely office/formal living room, pictured above as it is now, is undergoing a very slow makeover.

to do list:
paint walls a light, warm gray and trim abobe white (creamy white)
new sofa, see below
wall art, see below
I can't believe it, but I chose the fabric above to go on the sofa my grandmother is giving me. The sofa is a curved sectional with a low back that curves all the way around to form the arms, separate pillows for the back, and very deep seating. The fabric is very soft, like bedding, but because of the thickness, it is very durable. I second guessed myself, but finally just went with it, and now I can't wait to see it!
I love this inspiration photo (design by samantha pynn from hgtv's pure design), in particular, the ledges above the credenza. I can see this along the long blank wall opposite the television, behind where the sofa will be. It would make an adventure for me to hunt for great photo frames, maybe while antiquing or going to yard sales. I love this look!
This is a great light, warm gray color. (design by john jacob interiors, designer's own home) The room will have accents of cream and black. For the curtains, I may try to find a great print using cream and black, and may even try my hand at making simple rod pocket panels to hang on the outer edges of the windows. (You can't tell from the top photo, but there is an identical window on the other side of the television. ) It is a work in progress, as is everything in my life these days!

Sweet, Sweet

This hedge of honeysuckle is behind our privacy fence. It smells so wonderful and reminds me of my childhood in South Carolina where I had honeysuckle growing right outside of my bedroom window! I love drives through the country in spring/summer with the windows down, every once in a while you get a whiff of the honeysuckle that grows wild. It beats some of the other whiffs you get out there, like maneur, skunk, etc. I much prefer the smell of honeysuckle!

War of the Roses

As you may remember, I was worried my rose bushes wouldn't bloom this year because the boys gave them quite the pruning (as seen here), but they are back, smaller but mightier than ever!

Momma's Garden

This is only a sampling of what blooms in her yard. The photos were taken the 2nd week of May when I was in North Carolina. My mom has such a green thumb and there is always something beautiful in bloom in her yard!


My little (younger but taller) brother graduated last Saturday from Guilford College. I am so proud of him! Now the challenge is finding a job with a double major in Philosophy and Political Science. He plans to pursue Philosophy all the way through a PhD. Best of luck on that one little bro!
Tyler + Grammie
Daddy, Tyler + Momma
Bagpipers... really cool!
Did I mention Guilford is a school based on Quaker values... this guy was fun!
This tree provided amazing shade for us during the entire ceremony, and I couldn't resist taking a photo of the wonderful carvings... specifically the lower right corner just below the peace sign! Enjoy!

Shiny New Stones

Well just gravel stones, but they are shiny and make our driveway look like a million bucks! Matt did a great job edging and straightening the driveway. I can't take any credit for the work he did while I was traveling. He also added more mulch to all of the planters. The only thing left for our front yard project is planting around the base of the tree and the mailbox. I already have the plants from my mom, just have to get them in the ground! Photos to come!