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clean slate


This past week, Matt's dad and his friend took out the two evergreen bushes and five boxwood's that we have hated since we bought this house in 2007. His friend will re-purpose the boxwood's, so that makes me feel better.  The spirea at the very end closest to the steps will be removed to create an opening.  That leaves us with a clean slate to work with.  I will be researching and scouring to find ideas to liven up these planters.  We want to vary the heights, textures, and colors.  Any suggestions?  (Momma, I know you will read this eventually!)

Excuse the brown, crunchy grass.  We are in a bit of a drought with local water restrictions, so no watering the grass.  We are watering our plants because we don't want to see the money we spent go down the drain if they don't make it. 

 [photos from May 2009 showing the now missing shrubs]

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