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day twenty nine

your day, in great detail

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6:00 am wake up to alarm clock, put dogs outside while I use the bathroom, let dogs back in, make sure they have food and water, take shower, put on deodorant and lotion and brush teeth, blow dry hair (with mason in my lap), get dressed, make bed, put on make-up, pack breakfast and lunch, out the door

7:00 am drive to work

7:30 am park car, walk in, drop off lunch at pantry, fill up water bottle, get to desk and start computer, eat breakfast while checking e-mail and reviewing my to do list for the day, prepare my mind for the day

8:00 am phone calls begin, work to do list, work, work, more work

12:00 pm warm up lunch and eat, check emails and work any mail that has come in, enjoy time before phone is my responsibility again

1:00 pm back to work, more phone calls, work, work, and more work

4:30 pm shut down computer and head for the door to start commute home

5:00 pm stop for dinner

6:00 pm home, let dogs out, change into pajamas, wash any dishes in sink, wipe down counters, do quick pick up of house, throw the ball around for the dogs, make sure dogs still have food and water, turn on computer while matt turns on tv, settle in for the evening to relax and wind down

9:00 pm refill water cup, take prenatal vitamin, start dishwasher if it is ready, turn off lights, make sure doors are locked, make sure cell phones are charging, head upstairs, use the bathroom, brush my teeth, get in bed, set alarm clock, watch matt change channels until finding something to watch, fall asleep

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?  I will do this again once the baby comes and I return to work starting a whole new daily routine.  I can't even begin to imagine how much this is going to change.  I am preparing my mind for how hard it is going to be and how every single minute of my life will be different.  I know in the future, I will look back on this post and this time line and I know I will be telling myself how much easier I had it.  I also can't help but think how much more enjoyable it will be once we have our little boy.  Harder or not, it will be at least be enjoyable!


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