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two months


My Will,

Today marks two months since you made your grand entrance into our lives. You change so much every day and I love the little person you are becoming. As you grow, you are showing more characteristics of both mommy and daddy and some of your very own. New ways you are like daddy: you are very fidgety and squirmy, you get hot and sweaty very easily, you don't like to be swaddled or confined, you lift your leg up when you fart, and you love to look at yourself in your mirror. New ways you are like mommy: you are a man of few words preferring to stare intently instead, you are an intent listener and love story time, and you let out a coo immediately after you sneeze. New ways you are just yourself: your favorite book so far is the Mother Goose collection, you answer to Sweet Pea, Silly Willy, Squirmy Wormy, and Roly Poly, you have developed the cutest little squeal, your first distinguishable laugh was at my expense as I was cleaning your spit up off my shirt, your little neck is getting stronger which you demonstrate by pulling your head back and looking into the eyes of the person holding you, you love eye contact when you eat and when you are being read to, and you get bored with tummy time and turn it into nap time.
        I cannot wait to see what the next month has in store for us. I truly love being your mother and watching you grow!




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        photo tip(s): I hate the effect of the built in flash so I only use the natural light coming into our home when taking photos. The sun rises directly on the back of our house, arcs around my all-window breakfast room, and sets directly on the front of the house so there is always some natural lighting to be found. I haven't had access to my Photoshop or Illustrator in a while because my Macbook screen died, so I do all my editing in Picasa - yes, the free download from Google!

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