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While on maternity leave, I participated in a one-sided dialogue with Will in my attempt to replace the conversations that I was accustomed to at work. I listed out our plans for the day with him and went over expectations and potential outcomes - no reaction. I pointed out the negatives, but sandwiched them between the positives - still nothing from the little guy. I explained every activity to him and the importance of every procedure - some times an eyebrow would raise or a hand would go up involuntarily. I just talked to him about anything and everything, with not much response, obviously. Now that I have returned to work, I talk to him about my day, ask him about his day, and let him know our plans for the next day. Recently he has started responding to me with big grins, chuckles, and coos. He is such an agreeable baby and it is very clear that he thinks I am a genius... can't you tell?



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