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highs + lows

warning: complete miscellany to follow (don't say my blog title didn't warn you)


When you are pregnant, everyone warns you about pregnancy brain. The dreaded forgetfulness of everything. Why is it that no one ever tells you that it never.goes.away? Pregnancy brain just sneakily segue's into mommy brain.

Whether I am showering, washing dishes, feeding/burping/changing baby, or folding laundry, my mind works like I am typing out a blog post and as an idea or phrase comes to mind, I run for a piece of paper and pen because if I don't write it down, it will be lost forever in mommy brain land.

Memory is a strange animal. I have what some call an amazing long term memory, but I have to admit that my short term memory is truly lacking these days. I can't remember walking from one room to the next what I was going in there for, but I can remember that a particular shirt is 3/4ths of the way down in the middle of the laundry pile because I washed it over a week ago... go figure!

In all of my mommyness, it is difficult for me to wrap my brain around an entire thought, much less than an entire blog post. Then I came across this post and thought, "highs and lows - I can do that!".

Here goes:

high | Will is all smiles every morning, almost like he missed me while he was sleeping.
low | When the smile means that he is going to spit up.

high | Every time I prop Will up on boppy while we dress for work, he just smiles and giggles with his little hands resting on his belly.
low | I never have camera on hand to capture the moment or the time to even take a picture if I did.

high | Will and I went to lunch and spent the afternoon with my cousin Angela on my day off.
low | Will slept the entire time barely opening his eyes until she was leaving - he slept the entire four hours we were with her.

high | We have had a few warm weather days recently.
low | The cold weather came back.

high | Will has recently started sleeping flat on his back and loving it.
low | He hates tummy time and fusses the whole way through it. I am a bad mommy for not doing it more often. He may never crawl because of me.

high | Work is a lot less stressful since my return from maternity leave. I have a lighter workload for now!
low | The work days go by very slowly and I know that I am totally jinxing myself here.

Ok, so there is my first shot.  I will have some better ones for you next week hopefully! 

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