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three months


My Will,

You have now brought us joy for three whole months. You have developed quite the little personality and you love to laugh. Instead of showing new characteristics of mommy and daddy, you have become your own little person. Your favorite Mother Goose stories are Georgy Porgy, Humpty Dumpty, and Pat-a-cake. You also like to look at Peter Rabbit illustrations, and hate to hear the news that Mighty Casey has struck out. You still answer to Squirmy Wormy. You smile at the sound of mommy and daddy's voices and you squeal and sound out your vowels when we ask you questions. I truly think you understand the art of conversation. Once the babysitter realized you were fussing because you couldn't see the other children playing, she propped you up in the bumbo and that is your new favorite spot - my little social butterfly. You are very interested in your exersaucer, but aren't quite big enough to put your feet on the bottom yet. You are very attentive and focus and follow extremely well with your eyes. I just love to see your little eyes light up when you smile and laugh!

Bedtime: 9:00 pm
Wake Up Time: 6:00 am, 1 45 minute feeding between 1:00 am - 4:00 am
Naps: staggered throughout the day
Bottles: 4-6 ounces every 3-4 hours

Looking forward to another month with you little man!




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