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little one


This is another self-portrait while holding the camera over my head. I keep the strap wrapped around
my wrist so it doesn't hang down in the way. It is all about the hand position to be able to push the
button and focus the lens. It is all a matter of snapping and checking your captures every number of
shots to make sure you are capturing what you need. I keep the lens zoomed out as far as possible
because you can always crop a photo down, but you can't go back and capture more. They key is
to snap, snap, snap. You will be surprised what you come out with!

For editing, I just desaturated and adjusted the contrast.

And finally, my Nikon camera remote just came in yesterday and I am trying to hold off until the weekend to use it. Stay tuned for lots of photos because I will probably be addicted to it all weekend! Yay!!

and then, she {snapped}

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