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breaking news

When Matt and I saw the breaking news last night, we had a brief conversation about remembering
this news and where we were when we heard it. We were winding down our weekend in bed
watching television until we passed out; Will was sleeping soundly in his crib. We then talked about
where we were when the news of the 9/11 attacks broke. We were both on the campus of UNCG.
Matt was in study hall with some of his baseball teammates at the baseball fieldhouse, and I was
in my architectural drawing class on the lawn of the McIver building drawing perspectives. (We
barely knew each other back then!) Most classes on campus let out early, allowing students to go
back to their dorms and turn on the news. It was surreal sitting in my dorm apartment with my
suite-mates, watching everything unfold on television and feeling completely helpless. Though none
of us had any personal link to anyone involved in the attacks, it was unreal how close to home it
was just being an attack on United States soil. It has almost been ten years since that horrific day,
and, in hearing the news last night, I now feel that a little bit of justice has been served. If there can
appropriately be a time to celebrate the death of another human being, this would be it. It was
something to see images of crowds gathering in different locations, displaying such pride in their
country. A pleasant contrast to the suffering we saw on our television screens almost ten years ago.

And on a lighter note, I will always remember this moment in the live coverage. I was almost asleep,
but still had one eye open when this aired:

Are you serious?!? Clearly, unscripted breaking news is not this newscaster's forte!

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