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really, Mother Nature?

As if an Earthquake wasn't enough...

We felt a magnitude 4.5 aftershock which startled me out of my sleep at 1:08 am. I thought I was
going crazy because I was the only one who felt it. Matt was asleep like a rock, the dogs didn't
stir, and Will only rolled over. Our house shook and it sounded like an Amtrak training whizzing
by. My feeling was confirmed this morning when I saw about the aftershock on the news.

Then leaving work today, we had a torrential storm that kept us inside for 20 minutes because we
couldn't even see a foot out the front door of our office building. We finally had to make a break
for it and were literally soaked from head to toe after raining full force to the car. Heavy rain, flash
flooding and debris made our drive home very, very slow.

And now, Hurricane Irene is on it's way toward us threatening our weekend plans!

I am wishing we lived in the Midwest or on the Pacific Coast right about now, and I never
thought those words would ever leave the tips of these fingers!

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