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this week

just a normal saturday running errands | purchasing toilet seats and looking for hot water
heaters |eating burgers and fries at Five Guys | going through the car wash

hibachi japanese dinner with a captive audience

started the day with cinnamon buns | played soccer and hung out | will learned to tickle
mommy | mason waited for the snow with me | the snow fell and fell | hot tomato soup and
grilled cheese for dinner

after thawing out the car, we were on our way to start our monday

beautiful weather this week | not good for my sinus infection

enough said | venti caramel macchiato with 1 pump mocha at 130 degrees with whip

Will has been sick and has cried more in the past few days than he has in his entire 15+ months
of existence. He has an unidentified type of bacterial infection which his super strong immune
system is fighting. Because of this super strong immune system, his temps has been as high as 105.4
landing us in the emergency room late Thursday night and in the doctors office the past two days.
His white blood cell count is double the normal number, but is steadily coming down. He is pretty
miserable, and we are trying our best to keep him hydrated, keep his temperature regulated, keep
him comforted, and to keep his mind off of it. It is pretty scary stuff, but I have finally learned
from the doctors not to be afraid of the fever, but to realize that the fever is part of his body
fighting to heal him. His doctor confirmed that he has one of the strongest immune systems that he
has seen, which is a positive thing. Now, if he just wouldn't catch anything, it would be even better!

sunny day and a finally sleeping baby boy in the backseat = happy momma

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