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our week

mason knows licking torture ensures he will get his bone back | next time the boy will think twice before
picking up that bone | we day tripped to meet my mother-in-law at short pump for shopping and lunch

we enjoyed some front porch time before heading out for dinner

such a beautiful evening that we didn't mind waiting outside for our table | will enjoyed
vintage mickey mouse episodes on the iPad | beautiful sunset on our way home from dinner

sunday morning consisted of sleeping on the floor while momma dug up old comic strips | we enjoyed
afternoon family time | after skyping with my parents and putting the boy to bed, I enjoyed the
sunset from my new favorite spot on my porch swing

foggy monday morning, unhappy boy who was woken from his deep sleep, soaring gas prices - ugh | the
day improved with beautiful clouds and kfc chicken

Will played under beautiful skies | we went for a walk and enjoyed nature | we sat in the grass and
waved at neighbors | after dinner the boy showed us how he goes down the stairs on his own - oh boy!

tacos for dinner | sunshine time, another walk, and helping daddy pick up sticks | a little swinging
made for a sleepy boy just in time for bed

backyard time with the dogs | pretty tulips | daddy + son play time | momma's front porch time

someone didn't nap at the babysitter, so he fell asleep on the way home | then he wasn't ready for
bed at bedtime, so he sat on the front porch with momma watching the sunset

Are you noticing a trend here?


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