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our week

after coffee and grapes, we drove to downtown Richmond to pick up a Verizon Fios box for
the playroom tv | while in Richmond we went to The Village Cafe (a historic restaurant
since 1956 that was featured by Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-in's, and Dives) | we enjoyed our
own pitchers of Pepsi, Gladys' meatloaf, and peach cobbler | we had some fun with the water
hose when we got home | and settled in for the afternoon and watched movies on the new tv

Will woke up to watch cartoons on his tv | we went out for brunch and errands | I made PW's
meatloaf for dinner (yes, I can cook, thankyouverymuch!) | Will enjoyed some Cutie's while
waiting for dinner and was very impatient as his daddy peeled them | I ended my evening
enjoying some white zin on the porch swing and preparing my mind for the week ahead

while Will was eating dinner, daddy was outside teasing him with bubbles | he ate as fast
as he could and was so excited to get his hands on the bubble machine | after the sun
went down, Matt and I enjoyed a bedtime snack of oreo fudge creme's - delish!

Will couldn't wait to finish dinner and get outside to play | he did some gardening,
watched as Matt watered, and then stood in the exact same pose as his daddy | after
daddy finished, Will did some watering of his own | I started my evening with a glass
half full of white zin and ended with an empty glass

after dinner out, Will came home to do a little watering and leafbubble blowing before calling it a night


our day off consisted of swinging from the oak tree, playing fetch with the dogs, getting
serious about acorns, opening packages full of new clothes from his gigi, running around and
sliding at the park, cooling off with a fro-yo date, taking cat naps in the car, meeting up
with daddy for dinner, getting excited about his evening yard chores, and going to sleep on
time so momma could enjoy some wine before bed | I enjoyed a very fun day off with my boy!

we watched morning cartoons from our favorite sofa, enjoyed momma's plants in the morning
sun, and then headed off on a big Saturday adventure (details next week)


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