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I have been trying to make a conscious effort to document Will's funnies recently, because it
seems he is getting wittier every day! I have documented some of the conversations here:

Me: "Will, are you sleepy?"
Will: pauses, squeezes eyes shut, opens eyes and states very matter of factly, "No!"

Me: "Will, are you looking forward to school today?"
Will: {sitting on the potty} "No!"
Me: "Well, are you looking forward to playing outside when we get home?"
Will: {still sitting on the potty} "No!"
Me: "Are you going to be my grumpy monster all day?"
Will: {still sitting on the potty} "Raaaaaaaawr!" {throws his head back with laughter}

Will: "Tickle me, Daddy!"
Daddy: {as he tickles Will's belly} "Raaaaaaawrrr (like a monster)"
Will: "Daddy monstered me!" {said through his laughter}

Me: "Will, it's snowing! Isn't it pretty?"
Will: "Yes, pretty snow! Daddy made it snow!"
Me: "If you say so, buddy!"

Will thinks his Daddy hung the moon, literally. Part of our bedtime routine involves looking for the
moon. On cloudy nights when we can't see the moon out of one of the upstairs windows, he exclaims,
"Oh, no! Daddy took the moon!" I always try to explain that the moon is behind the clouds. The past
few nights there has been a crescent moon in the sky, and Matt has promised Will he will put a "banana
moon" in the sky. Tonight, as we reclined in the rocker looking straight out the open window at the
"banana moon", Will stuck out his hand with his pointer finger and thumb and pinched of an imaginary
piece of the "banana moon" and took a bite, exclaiming "Mmmmmmm, yummy!".

Melt my heart!

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