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family + fireworks

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For the week of the Fourth, my Daddy came up from North Carolina to visit and watch Will on the
days Matt and I had to work. We kicked off his visit, after his 8 hour trip, by whisking him off to the
annual fireworks show. We met up with my cousin and her husband, daughters, and friends. Will
was shy at first, but with live music playing and so much going on, he came out of his shell pretty
fast. I am sure the funnel cake helped. He snuggled with his daddy, he ran in circles continuously
kissing Angela, he got to wear Pa-Pa's hat, and he was wrangled in by everyone at some point.

As soon as it got dark, the fireworks went off and they were amazing! With all the preparation and
explanations of fireworks to Will, it just wasn't the same as experiencing the real thing, so he
was pretty scared at first. Pa-Pa took him off for a little while until he felt comfortable coming
back out in the open, and then he made himself comfortable among everyone on the blanket.
It was a great way to kick off our Fourth of July week!

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