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just walking

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(for you, Momma! Swann was my Maternal Grandma's maiden name)
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Since Will's nap was going on two hours, we decided to just walk until he woke up. We wand-
ered the streets of Adam's Morgan and ended up in Dupont Circle. We never did find the
actual traffic circle, but I know we had to be pretty close to it.

I never got to live in the city between college and getting married due to jobs and life in
general, but I always thought I would live in a big city in my 20's just to get a taste of that
life. Washington is a beautiful city and has a definite charm about it. On a daily basis with
my job, I talk to people of all walks of life who call our Nation's Capitol home. It always
amazes me at the diversity of people and cultures within one small city.

We finally got tired of walking and hopped on the Metro to head back to Virginia.

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