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one month

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My Laila,

One month down and it has gone so fast! Because I know you are my last baby, I am taking my
time enjoying every second I get with you.

Keeping with tradition, I will share ways you are like daddy and mommy, and I am adding ways
you are like your big brother Will and ways you are just yourself.

ways you are like Daddy: your snore, your dark blue eyes, your lips, your chin, your feet,
your ears, your love of stretching out and grunting as you do it, and your vigorous appetite
ways you are like Mommy: your hair color and your laid back personality
ways you are like Will: all of the above, you love baths, you love to sleep and only stay awake
for about an hour at a time for feeding/changing/play time, and you love your music and get
very still and quiet while you listen to it
ways you are just yourself: you love to listen to Will when he is in the room, you only wake
once in the night to eat, and you play hard to get with your daddy

1 month statistics:
she weighs 8 lbs, 11 ounces - in the 40th percentile
she is 22 inches in length - in the 80th percentile
her head is 36.5 cm around - in the 40th percentile

Looking forward to watching you grow and can't wait for more baby grins!


For comparison, you can read Will's "One Month" post here.