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Canning Tomatoes

3.5 Tomatoes per Pint Jar
8 Quart stock pot = 5 Pint Jars per batch

Sterilize Pint jars in dishwasher using "Sanitize" cycle.

Heat 1 large pot for actual canning, keeping lid on while bringing water to a boil. Water level should be 1 inch above lids of jars while canning, and remember, jars will displace the water. (Have boiling water on the side in case you need to add to get the water level up.)

Heat 1 small pot of water for lids. Lids should boil in this water for several minutes before placing on the cans.

In another pot of water, boil tomatoes for 30-60 seconds. Immediately submerge tomatoes into a bowl of ice water. Remove skins and tough parts. Slice tomatoes in quarters.

In a 1 qt measuring cup, bring water to a boil in the microwave.

Fill jars with tomatoes. Add 2 Tablespoons lemon juice. Then fill jars with boiling water up to 1/2 inch from the top. Use a flat plastice utensil (sterilized) around the inside edge to release air bubbles. Put rubber lids and rings on, screw tightly.

Boil jars in large pot for 40 minutes.

Let jars cool overnight in a non-drafty area until lids seal. If you push down on the lids and don't get a pop, it means the jar did not seal. Refrigerate those jars and use as soon as possible.