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A Very Merry Christmas

I spent Christmas Eve with family at my Grammie's house in the mountains of North Carolina. We ate dinner, sang Christmas Carols around the Christmas tree, and played bingo for great gift cards - a new event for this year. I think it is safe to say that everyone loves gift cards because there was quite a bit of excitement over the bingo games! I have spent all but one Christmas Eve at my Grammie's house for my entire life. Two years ago I stayed in Virginia with Matt because I had just started a new job and couldn't get off to travel.

The photos below were not taken by me. They were taken by various people on other cameras and cellphones.

(l to r) Aunt Teresa "Tee" (my dad's youngest sister), Grandpa John (not a relative but has always been a Grandpa figure for us),  Lelia "Lee" (my cousin), Baby Elizabeth (on Lee's lap), Mike (Lee's significant other), Grammie, Rebekah Ann (Lee's daughter), Aunt Delayne "Dee" (my dad's oldest sister)


(l to r) yours truly, Gabriel (Lee's son and my new buddy!)

(l to r) Tyler (my brother), Carol (my momma), Uncle Quentin (my great uncle), Steve (my daddy), yours truly, Uncle Greg (my dad's brother), Gabriel (with new cars slippers), Uncle Neal (Tee's husband), Aunt Tee


me and Gabriel again!

(l to r) John, Lee (notice her awesome BCBG heels), Mike, Grammie, Rebekah Ann

(l to r) Mike, Grammie, Aunt Tee, Aunt Dee, Uncle Jack (Aunt Dee's husband), Rebekah Ann, Aunt Margaret (my great aunt)

It was a fun time had by all!

Matt spent his holiday in Virginia with his parents again and took Skye-boy with him. Mason went on an adventure (his first road trip) to go back home with me. Let's just say it was an adventure for both of us! I spent the rest of my trip at my parents house keeping Mason out of trouble, spending time with my parents and brother, eating wonderful home cooked meals, and spending time with their pets and my brother's new kitty (photos to come of the kitty later).

Hope everyone else enjoyed their Christmas!