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The Weekender

beauty +

the beast!

delicate balance

the king

white fluffiness

yum, hoisin pork tenderloin with fresh green beans over rice
blue + orange

shrimp california rolls

berry cobbler, looks pretty but the taste/texture is a story for another day, may be better left untold
lavender plumes
orange glow

Pool Boy(s)

Matt brought home a pool for the boys, well lets be honest... for Mason. Skye thought it was preposterous that he was expected to place his dainty paw in a big bowl of water... AS IF! Mason was slow to warm up to it, but then decided it was the greatest thing EVER! Great fun for them and the water really wore Mason out, haha!

Me + The Boys

This weekend, Matt is traveling with his Mom for a family reunion in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, leaving me home alone with the boys. Me time, yay! Last night was the third night in our three years of marriage that I have been home alone. Let's just say there was a lot of discussion between me and the dogs, which went more like me making a comment or asking a question and getting blank stares and an occasional head turn or ear lift. I just love when everyone agrees with me!

In Matt's absence, I am taking advantage of being able to cook/eat things that I love and he hates. Last night I picked up Chinese on my way home. I love it, he hates it! I also picked up some sweet donuts, which I warmed up and ate for breakfast this morning, yum! For lunch I will probably pick up some sushi. For dinner, I will be making Pork Tenderloin with Hoisin sauce, sauteed with fresh green beans on top of steamed rice. I have never made it before, but Aida Mollenkamp's recipe seems easy enough. I will also be making summer cobbler, not that Matt wouldn't love it, but I am interested in trying a new recipe and would prefer to experiment with it while he is away in case it doesn't come out just right. That's all I have planned for now, but I am off to the store for inspiration for tommorrow!

While I am gone, here are some photos from our beautiful morning for your viewing pleasure!

Ahhh, Summer