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jamaica - day 3.3

After relaxing, we headed in for dinner. Because it was our last night, we wanted to try the 2 restaurants we had not yet been to. First up was the Mexican restaurant. It was decent, nothing like the authentic Mexican restaurants in our area, but decent food. It is hard to mess up fajitas which is what we all ordered.


Notice the new necklace Matt bought for me. It is interesting, the stones are a golden and amber in color. I didn't have much to match it on the trip. I am on the hunt now for the perfect scoop neck black sweater/top to wear it with.


After that, we headed to the stage area to watch the Superbowl. That's right! The Superbowl on big screens just steps away from pools, bars, and the ocean. Not everyone at the resort was from the US, but the ones that were were gathered around watching the big game and the commercials. They had a huge food and appetizer buffet, popcorn, all the things you would expect. They also had cakes and ice sculptures for each team. The best was sitting in the chairs with the waitresses coming around to bring you whatever drink you so desired. It was a little surreal, I must say.


After halftime, Matt got a little antsy, so we headed to the Asian restaurant. It was better than the Mexican restaurant, but not as good as the steak restaurant we ate at the first night, that was the most popular among all of us. And then we went back to the room to pack... boo!

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