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rain + a dream


It was a super rainy weekend here.  It was miserable, but it inspired me to redesign our backyard!  Since I didn't get to take any photos this past weekend, I am posting this one from the weekend before.  Use your imaginations with me for a moment and picture them both in the same position, no sun shining on their beautiful faces, and covered in mud up to their chests all the way around as if they have been wading through a lake of mud.  That is what they looked like yesterday when we left them outside a little too long and they decided to crawl under the shed on their bellies.  Let's just say a towel rub was not going to cut it, so they got the water hose treatment - in the nicest way possible of course!

With all of this rain, our backyard is showing the wear and tear from the snow and from the dogs running hard and wrecking havoc on it.  It is in need of some major TLC.  Now that the grass is starting to grow, it is apparent that there is more open muddy space than there is grassy space.  We have wanted for so long to make our backyard an entertaining friendly space.  Looks like the fun projects will be put on hold longer, so we can spend the money to get our grass going strong again, ugh!

Our backyard now:

What we would love to do:

Ok, so this is a really rough sketch that I did quickly while using a free trial of SmartDraw2010. Hopefully you get the idea!  Extended deck that just steps off onto the grass, no need for steps.  Block off our HVAC units, and re-route traffic away from the side of the house.  More planting space and more defined grass space. Maybe we will get to do it in phases.  Stay tuned because I will update the blog with our plans and changes!

Let me know what you think!  Thoughts or suggestions welcome!!

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