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what to expect...

when we're expecting!

That's right!  We are expecting a little one on our around December 10 of this year and we really couldn't be more excited.  We found out on April Fools Day, of all days!  I have just safely coasted into my second trimester yesterday - fourteen weeks along.  So far, so good!  I feel very blessed so far having missed out on the dreaded morning sickness. :: fingers crossed that doesn't change :: I have finally started to regain my energy back; Matt and the dogs seem thankful for that.  Maybe this will explain my blog hiatus.  I have been struggling to keep my life and the house in order and haven't had energy for much else.  I have used the computer so little over the past few months that Matt was considering canceling the internet service - crazy man!  Matt has been great so far, he is super excited because he has been waiting for this for three years.  It took a lot more convincing for me to feel ready for this journey.  Since I have been withholding information from the blog, I have been trying to document my journey elsewhere.  Below are some photos.   

my starting point at seven weeks

ten weeks

and of course the most exciting...

1st ultrasound at eight weeks

And to answer the most common questions that we have gotten so far...
  • I think it is a boy.  Matt thinks it is a girl.  We will both be excited no matter what the baby is!
  • Yes, we will find out the at 20 weeks what it will be.  We are both planners.  It will be as big  of a surprise at 20 weeks as it will be at 40 weeks!
  • Name selection will be our biggest friction point.  There will be a lot of discussion and compromising.  He leans toward popular names, I lean toward less popular names.  
What you can expect from here on out...
  • monthly updates and photos
  • nursery progress (yes, we have already started)
  • my honest ramblings, without complaints
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