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day twenty seven

something you could never get tired of doing


Hands down, taking photos. I love this hobby of mine! I sometimes obsess over how to get the best shot and won't give up until I have it.  I also have moments in public of being too timid to pull the big camera out, so I miss some good things and then kick myself later for not having the guts to go for it.  I have a habit of taking way too many photos, only to sort and delete until I have the perfect ones.  I have never had an interest in doing photography it for a living because I wouldn't trust myself to be responsible for capturing others most important moments, especially a memorable day or event. It is more of a hobby for me and a way of capturing my own life. I find joy in taking photos and then editing them and sharing them with others. There is a lot that I could do to develop my skill set, but I am afraid it would take the fun out of it. I would like to eventually learn how to use the manual settings and learn the elusive photography language.  For now, I try to rely on what little natural ability I can get by with.  For me, photography is fun, and my cool camera makes it even more fun!

And, here is my favorite photo from our State Fair excursion:


(and the best part... I conquered my fear of whipping my camera out in public and snapping away.  I had my camera out for most of our walk around the fair.)


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