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one month


My Will,

I can't believe your first month has passed so quickly. It seems like you were just born yesterday (I will likely say that every time you celebrate a birthday). And to think, you were due only four days ago - I just can't imagine not having you with us for this past month. It is an amazing thing to watch you change each and every day. Your daddy and I laugh when we see a little of each other come through in you. Ways you are like daddy are: your snore, your dark blue eyes, your lips, your chin, your feet, your love of stretching out and grunting as you do it, and your vigorous appetite. Ways you are like mommy are: your hair color, your laid back personality, your grin, and your pout. Ways you are just yourself: you hate the hiccups but you tolerate them well, you throw your hands in the air when you are startled by something, you absolutely love baths and have yet to shed a tear while submerged in the water, you love to sleep and only stay awake for about an hour at a time for feeding/changing/play time, you only wake twice in the night to eat which makes me happy, you love your musical seahorse and you get very still and quiet while you listen to it, you don't seem to mind that mommy doesn't get a shower every day or brush her teeth regularly, you don't mind that your clothes don't always match (and probably never will), and you love to flash your little gummy grin and make mommy laugh.

I cannot wait to see what your future holds and I feel so blessed that you are my son.




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