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story time


Will loves story time. I have tried reading to him consistently since he was about 6 weeks old.  I
don't always do it at the same time or same place each day, and sometimes I don't find time to
get the books out, but I recite out loud what I have memorized. He loves any story or poem that
rhymes. He watches with wide eyes anticipating the rhyming ending of each stanza. We have most
of the Mother Goose collection memorized. We also have a Golden Books collection that he likes,
as well as a collection book that includes Casey at the Bat - he is always sad to hear that mighty
Casey has struck out. He hasn't quite caught onto the Peter Rabbit collection because it doesn't
rhyme, but I am sure one day he will love it. We will soon be introducing Dr. Seuss and Shel
Silverstein to satisfy his infatuation with rhymes.

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