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six months


My Will,

You are half way to being a year old. I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. You are still a
very smiley boy, you love to laugh, and you seem to have quite a little sense of humor; I hope that
you keep these qualities forever. You laugh hysterically when you cheeks are pinched, when we
bark like Mason and Skye, when Mason and Skye are anywhere near you, and when we make
silly faces. You have become such a good sleeper, and prefer to sleep on your left side. You finally
got your foot to your mouth, and now that you are beginning to teeth, you put it there often; I hope
that this is a quality that you grow out of, both literally and figuratively. You have become very
interested in music, and love to dance around with me and bob your head. You are very close to
sitting up on your own. You have gotten very strong at holding yourself up during tummy time and
you are a pro at rolling over. You have really taken notice of your toys as you play now, and love
holding them in your hands moving them around. Your tongue spends more time out of your mouth
than it does in it!

Bedtime: 8:00 pm
Wake Up Time: 6:00 am, sleeps all the way through, or 1 15 minute feeding
Naps: staggered throughout the day
Bottles: 4-6 ounces every 3-4 hours, oatmeal/rice cereal, fruits, veggies
Clothing: size 6-9 months (carter's)
Teeth: none yet, but showing signs of teething

Hoping the next six months don't go by as fast so we can enjoy every single second!!

Love, Momma

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