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seven months


My Will,

Another month, little buddy. You are still my happy-go-lucky, easy going boy. Your neck is your
new tickle spot.Your favorite time of day is right before bedtime, when you giggle and laugh and
soak up the last few minutes of fun before your bedtime bottle. You are still a good sleeper. You
finally have two bottom teeth coming through. I say finally because it feels like you have been
teething for over a month now. You actually have rhythm when you dance and you move to the
beat of the music. You can hold yourself upright for long periods of time, and love to play with
your toys and stare at them while sitting up. You are still working hard at being able to sit yourself
up. You had your first sick day from daycare this month.

Bedtime: 8:00 pm
Wake Up Time: 6:00 am, sleeps all the way through, or 1 15 minute feeding
Naps: staggered throughout the day
Bottles: 6-8 ounces each feeding, oatmeal/rice cereal, fruits, veggies
Clothing: size 6-9 months (carter's)
Teeth: two bottom teeth just broke through

Can't wait to see how you change this month!

Love, Momma

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