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sick day

Last week... Will spiked a few fevers between 102 and 103, we went to and from the pediatrician
three times, he underwent throat swabs, urinalysis that included a catheter, blood tests, and a chest
xray, his white blood cell count hit a high of 36 (more than triple the normal average). The fevers
are gone, but the doctors still are not sure what was wrong with him. They ruled out anything
bacterial. His chest x-ray was unremarkable. Even through the fevers and the testing, he was still
a happy little camper. There was some fussiness, but nothing that a little cuddling or a good bottle
couldn't fix.

Here is a what a sick day looks like at our house:
waking up bright eyed and ready to go, he seemed to feel his best first thing in the morning
a little playtime before heading for the doctors office
back home, and sharing my not good frozen lunch with the boys (yes, they eat off of a fork)
a little afternoon cuddle time
and then a nap in the swing waiting for daddy to get home from work

I really enjoyed my two days off with this boy, but I was very ready for Matt to get home. Being
home all alone with him was a little exhausting for me. I'm not sure that I am cut out to be a stay
at home mom!

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