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Ever feel like your life is a marathon and you can't wait for the finish line so
you can get back to normal!?! This is where I am right now folks!

We woke up one Saturday and headed for Will's first Virginia State Fair,
where he enjoyed seeing lots of animals and munching on funnel cakes.
(there will be a post in the near future documenting this)

Will has become quite the little independent eater. He likes to feed himself
now, which makes for some messy spoon battles!

Our work week started off normally, enjoying a quiet dinner at our favorite
mexican restaurant, with the very literal name Mexico Restaurant.

The next night, I was working late at work in preparation for our upcoming
beach trip, and I got a call from Matt that he was in an accident and I would
have to leave then and pick up Will from the babysitter. He was forced off
the road by another vehicle, but was luckily not injured and Will was not
in the car with him.

After the accident, we went back to our normally scheduled activities, which
included Will playing for hours on end with his toys. He is so good at that!

We enjoyed a much needed vacation of beach time, sunrises, sunsets, and
waterfront dinners. It was a nice escape from real life! (post coming soon)

When we got back from the beach, we got the call that the Mustang had
been declared a total loss.  This car was just paid off last month, and the
next car replacement was going to be my 2000 VW Jetta (my college car
that I have had for 11 years at the end of this month), but now I am stuck
with the Jetta for even longer. ::sarcastic happy face:: Of course, Matt wants
another Mustang, but I have put my foot down. We will be looking for a
family car, and when it is the right time, we can replace the Jetta for another
Mustang once Will is older and can sit forward facing. So now we are on the
hunt for a new vehicle (yay!) with a new car payment (double yay!).

In addition to the vehicle issues, I have worked late to catch up from being
out, we have shopped online for cars, I have been working to prepare for
a promotion that I am hoping for at work, I haven't had time to take photos
or even edit the photos that I have taken over the past few weeks and I am
going through photography/blogging withdrawal, I am stressing about Will's
1st birthday in exactly one month that I have nothing planned for yet because
my plans for work are up in the air right now and I may be out of town for
the two weeks surrounding his birthday (which makes me very, very sad)!

I hope to return some time to regular blogging sometime soon, because certainly
do miss it! Oh, and if you have an SUV that you love - I would love to hear about it!

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