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family date night | we love living in close proximity to everything in our town | Will people watches
while we wait for our table | chicken and gnocchi soup (again) and portobello ravioli (good, but better
when warmed up the next day) | Will charms the waitresses we have had in the past stop by to chat
flirt with him | we are now regulars here, just like the ten other restaurants we frequent

In case you are wondering, yes, I can cook, but my husband is a picky eater and cannot make up his
mind what he wants for dinner until he is ready to eat, which makes meal planning/grocery shopping
difficult. We have wasted a lot of food in the past because of this. If only we lived in a large city
where walking to the grocery store just before cooking every meal was possible, it would be perfect!

pepsi, in a glass, with ice, from a straw - mmm!

krisy kreme doughnuts | grabby hands | finally a taste | happy all around

friday night after a long work week | lounging with my boys and enjoying a little computer time

woke up to a small ice accumulation | this boy has gone through half a gallon of milk in just 12 hours
(can you say growth spurt?) | curious about the white stuff outside | loving "press here"

Did this week feel like two weeks put together for anyone else?

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