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resolutions, smesholutions

I am bad at making resolutions, and I am even worse at keeping them,
so I am only making one goal for myself this year.

I resolve to...


As I compiled my review of 2011, I remembered so many great moments
that I had almost forgotten about. Positive moments that are lost in the shadows
of long work weeks, commuting, and piles of laundry and dishes. After working
7.75 hours in a cubicle, it is easy to look back and remember only the negatives.
That is approximately 250 days out of my year - far too much negativity. After
our long days at work and our commute home, Matt and I get to come home to
our cute little guy. There has to be some positive in that. Or even, little moments
at work with a coworker, a delighted customer, or a courteous fellow commuter.

Maybe I will compile the positives and share them here on the blog from time to
time. Or, maybe I will make a mental note each night of something positive from
my day. Somehow, I will recognize the little, or big somethings that make my day!

So far this year, here goes...

My husband told me I look hot in my new skinny jeans - score!

Enjoyed a day off with my two favorite guys, sipping on cappuccino and enjoying
zeppoli with chocolate hazelnut sauce.

I talked to my daddy for a while on the phone after calling to wish him a happy birthday!

We got our car back from the shop, and were so happy that it looks just like new!

At the dinner table, I placed the spoon on Will's dinner plate, which made a tapping
noise. Will's face lit up and he took his hand and tapped it on the table. So I picked
up the spoon and tapped it twice on the plate, and Will responded by tapping his hand
on the table twice. I started to tap out a beat on the plate, and he tapped his hand on
the table and we went crazy tapping and tapping and giggling away.

Do you have a positive moment to share?

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