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our week

homemade clean linen candle (a gift) | fun with the vanity mirror | mister crazy hair

bracelets, beer, and a reminder to always use protection on your phone :)

notice anything missing? | the ride home after his first big boy haircut

a surprise snow storm rolled in and we hunkered down for the afternoon

my big boy, sans curls | amazing how one haircut can make him look an entire year
older | admittedly, too much was cut off by the barber shop, but I am confident it will
grow quickly like my hair does

crocs aren't good snow shoes?? says who? | quite possibly the only snow the jeep
will see this winter

a beautiful sunset over the fresh snow blanket

we had big plans for our saturday night, but this one got tired and snuggling with him
was way better than going out

this boy loves a good secret

sunshiny light sabre battle

chocolate covered strawberries | cannolis | black grapes

playing with inkwell

my view from cubicle land | making it through my day with wawa coffee, hawaiian
ruby guava hand lotion, and photos of us at the beach

out of work early for the day and it's 61 degrees, yay | lunch on the go while runing
errands | changed out of boring work clothes into short sleeves and flip flops, yay | a little
sunshine time with the dogs | early pick up at the babysitter | fifteen month doctor's
appointment | holding onto his train for dear life after his shot | silly time with his feet while
we waited for daddy to get off work

playing peek-a-boo with the sun

starbucks makes even a foggy commute to work better

important dates for my training at the beach for my new promotion ::happy dance:: |
celebration with pasta, cinnamon sticks, and pinot grigio at our neighborhood italian
place | bedtime with my boys

still my favorite morning coffee (thanks, Daddy) | groggy bed head boy

linking up with amy at a good life. and jenni at story of my life

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