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this week

saturday errands | flirty Will | seared ahi tuna and Outback's bread and butter | getting spoiled
by another chocolate thunder down under | grocery shopping and then back home

watching the big UNC vs DUKE rivalry game | some daddy and son wrestling during
halftime | thirsty boy impatiently waiting for his apple juice | WAY TO GO HEELS!!

there are four secrets to my dad's chili recipe (1) equal parts of ground beef and pork sausage
(2) a palm full of dark chocolate (3) fresh tomatoes (4) smoked pepper jack cheese to top it off
Is there anything better than a Sunday afternoon cooking chili
and then sharing quality family dinner time? I think not!!

crazy skies after work | would you believe that it snowed an inch that morning after we
got to work and then melted before we stepped foot back outside?

love waking up to a happy boy who can turn anything into a toy | making it
through my workday with starbucks and photos of my boys all around my desk

traffic in the morning | traffic in the afternoon
at least it is moving for now, but dreading the stop and go when summer vacations start

enjoying some outdoor time | unpacking his diapers.com delivery | trying to keep up with this boy

first blooms in our front yard this year | hello, beauties!

another evening outside | swinging on the front porch

an afternoon made beautiful by sunshine and the fact that it's finally Friday | happy hour commences

finally in bed after a long week | sweet dreams

waking up to all of these faces totally makes my morning :)

As a working mom, it makes me sad when we get home after dark and are stuck inside to play and read
before bedtime. The past few weeks we have had a little light as the sun is setting. I am doing a happy
dance for the beginning of daylight savings time this weekend. I cannot wait to come home and have an extra
hour of light with my boy outside! Is anyone else looking forward to this?


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