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week of light

unsure about the fire | interested in the food

out and about on Saturday afternoon | momma got new sunglasses

skye kisses | soaking up the sunshine

it was a sunny, sunglasses kind of day | a walk in the park | target run for Easter candy
and other necessities

perfect nap time swinging on the porch swing | it ended somewhat abruptly when someone got
sick from the swinging

green beans, rice, carrots | everything tastes better when the sun is still out at
dinnertime and you still have time to play outside

colossal doughnut morning at work | chic-fil-a lemonade goodness | a windows open kind of
commute home | boys and sticks = perfect combination | we sat in the grass watching the
little neighbor boy practicing tee ball | bed time turned into bachelor finale time,
watched Ben make a bad decision

the sky was just beautiful this week

and so were the flowers

home for the day with the sick boy (sinus infection) | coffee on the front porch while the
boy took a morning nap | all smiles while swinging | burning off some energy on the deck |
this boy loves sticks | sunshine time in the grass | during afternoon nap time, I enjoyed
some more time on the porch swing and enjoyed a late lunch of pizza | soccer time on the
deck | watching as matt's dad and uncle cut down our dead cherry tree (sadness all around
because we loved this beautiful tree)

enjoyed a mid-week casual day (jeans) | silly Will

we woke up to a beautiful saturday watching morning cartoons, ready for our weekend...

The theme of this week is extra daylight = outdoor time! We spent tons of time outdoors every
evening after dinner. We couldn't get enough of the beautiful skies and 80 degree temperatures!


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