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our week

someone practiced easter egg hunting with his halloween bucket | momma played with the dogs
while the boy enjoyed his swing

after a fun afternoon, we dressed up and went for dinner where Will got super excited about crayons

after bed time, momma spent a little time on the front porch swing enjoying beautiful skies

my assistant coffee maker | a slow starting morning, but I finally got presentable to go out

we enjoyed a family breakfast where will waved outside to everyone passing by our window

this boy is such a serious car sleeper, it never fails once the jeep starts rolling he is out

our yard is coming alive with blooms and leaves... loving Spring

with Spring comes shedding season for the dogs, so I have to vacuum every.single.day, but Will
loves to help me | we watched as daddy watered for the first time of the season

after dinner we came home to find a pretty postcard from a friend | it was a beautiful sunset and
the dogs were so longing to play in the street with the neighborhood children

I actually looked somewhat presentable after a whole day at work, for once in my life | it was a hot
day and poor Will was stuck in pants and tennis shoes, momma fail for not watching the weather channel

another hot day, and the boy spent his evening shirtless.. can't get over his round belly

admiring the flowers followed by  bubble blowing at the dinner table.. pure happiness

silly boy playing through the screen door | so excited my azaleas are blooming just in time
for Easter and the Masters

we spent the morning playing choo-choos in the sun, watching cartoons, keeping runny noses
clean, and standing on our heads


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