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book worm

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So, please ignore the crazy bed head, but I couldn't resist grabbing my camera and sneaking up on
him. When we aren't sleeping, bathing, or dressing, we spend all of our time downstairs between
the kitchen, the family room, and Will's playroom/my office. It is very rare that Will is upstairs
without one of us, so I was surprised when I got to the top of the stairs and found him in his room
reading a book. Of course, the book was upside down, but it's the thought that counts, right!?! He
was actually babbling about the mouse and the cookie and the milk that form the entire plot of the
book. When he saw me he hopped down and picked up another book and settled in, and did this book
after book. I really love how much he loves books. It is in his genes, after all. My dad is an avid
book reader, with bookcases overflowing with great reads. I also love books, but lack the discipline
to make time for reading books of my own. Story time is mine and Will's favorite time of day, when we
snuggle together while I read and he points at the pictures. It's a wonderful way to end each day!

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