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A few weeks ago, we decided to venture back downtown. We had so much fun on our last visit
and now the weather is much nicer. We made our first stop at a historic pharmacy/soda fountain,
Goolrick's. Will enjoyed a chicken salad sandwich, Matt enjoyed a club sandwich, and I enjoyed
an egg salad sandwich with tomato. After lunch, we wandered the streets window shopping. Will
especially liked the antique store windows. We went into a sports memorabilia store, and were
suprised by the selection of autographed items they had for sale. There was also a store dog,
a labradoodle, that Will was super interested in. Our last stop was Eileen's Bakery, where Will
picked out a dessert to share. A chocolate cake with raspberry icing. It, along with Matt's
coconut cupcake, were delicious!

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After some afternoon errands, and a toddler nap, we went back downtown for dinner on the river.
It was a pretty perfect evening to be outside. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right! We ate
out on the deck and enjoyed our refreshments. Will was super excited every time the train went
by over the river. Because it is the main rail line, we saw about 3 or 4 trains while we were
there. He was so excited pointing and exclaiming "choo-choo over the water", looking around to
make sure everyone else was also looking at it. It was a fun evening!

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