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memorial day hike

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We spent our Memorial Day on a family hike with my cousin, her husband, and their girls. We
started with a picnic lunch, and spent a little time on the playground. Ellie and Will had fun
sliding, and Angela and her girls were hilarious went spinning on the tire swing with her girls.
We started our hike through the rocky trails. Even Will knew that Randy shouldn't be out on that
big rock. We hiked until we found a place with rocks to throw into the creek, and after a little
while we walked until we found a place to get our feet in the water. Only Will and Ellie were
brave enough to actually get their feet wet. The rest of us stayed on the edge and watched. We
took a few family shots before heading home. I love that you get to drive through the creek to
get to and from the park. We never realized this park even existed right near downtown, but now
that we know about it we will be back for a visit very soon!

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