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obx 2013, part 2

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We woke up on the our second morning to storms rolling in, so after a quick breakfast we hit the
road headed south where the forecast was rain free. Amazing what an hour drive can change. Our
first stop was the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. This is a favorite of mine, and a favorite of many
lighthouse lovers every where. It reminded me of my Aunt Dee, who loved lighthouses, and had
traveled to many of them along the East coast. Unfortunately, I never thought to ask her about
all the lighthouses she visited before she passed away last month. A missed opportunity for sure.
We learned about the move of the light house 2,900 feet to it's current location. Will ran around
in circles across the grass and was feeling very uncooperative for photos. We skipped the climb
to the top of the lighthouse because Will isn't tall enough to do it yet. I look forward to doing
this with him once he is over 42" in height.

We then headed to the ferry to cross over to Ocracoke Island. The ferry ride was fun, but seemed
really long. An full hour long each way. We ate lunch at Daijo. We all enjoyed it with the excep-
tion of my husband (note to self: never opt for outdoor seating, ever!). We walked the little
village area of the Island and did some window shopping. Of course, we drove right by the Ocracoke
Lighthouse, but Matt didn't feel like stopping for photos. We headed back to the ferry, but first
stopped at a wild pony exhibit so Matt could learn about the history of ponies on the island. We
got back on the ferry and Will lost his battle with nap time and fell asleep for the entire ferry
ride. We stopped and enjoyed some frozen custard on the drive back to Nags Head. Once back, we
headed back out on the beach for some kite flying. Then we headed to dinner at Basnight's Lone
Cedar Cafe, where Will found it necessary to eat all of the butter out of the packages instead of
eating the bread it came with. Silly boy!
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The next morning we packed up and spent a little while longer on the beach. Will just couldn't
get enough of playing with his tools in the "big sandbox". This trip further solidified Will's
love of beach, and we are still getting requests to go to the beach. I am not sure that he could
ever tire of it. I am so glad he loves the beach as much as his Momma & Daddy do! We made the
usual stop at Gandy's Greenhouse on the way home and got some fresh picked strawberries. This
is a favorite stop of ours since our first trip several years ago. Tradition is tradition!!

dining guide:

Nags Head, North Carolina
Tale of the Whale
Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe
Owens' Restaurant

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

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