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go nats

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After riding the Metro, walking, picnicking, walking some more, we took the Metro over to the
Nationals Stadium to watch them play the New York Mets. Will was so excited, all he could talk
about for weeks was this game. We got there and he was so excited to see the field and watch the
players warm up. He wasn't all that excited about the larger-than-life Presidents for the GEICO
Presidents race in person, so we skipped right by them before the game started. Once the game
started, he watched pretty intently, other than the time he was flirting with my friend Krissy
and asking to switch seats with me. We enjoyed cold beer, chili dogs from Ben's Chili Bowl, fries,
and delicious sweet tea. The President's Race looks hilarious, I actually missed it while I was in
line for food, but Matt snapped these photos for me. Matt took several good photos, including some
of his favorite players. Can you tell who they were? (hint: Harper, Zimmerman, and Werth) Matt got
an awesome photo of the first home run, but I can't remember which player it was. Matt was in line
for food when Harper hit a home run, so luckily I was able to photograph it. They almost didn't let
me bring my lenses into the stadium, but I am so glad they did so we could get some good photos.
Because it was a company event, we didn't have a choice of seats, but they really weren't bad. East
to get into and out of, near the concessions, gate, and stroller check-in, and had a full view of
everything on the field and the scoreboard. Unfortunately, none of the other home games for the
season work with our schedule or we would have bought tickets. We all had a great time, and it was
all Will could talk about for weeks. Actually, he is still talking about it as we get him ready for
football season and the UVA season opener this coming weekend.

Because he was so enthusiastic about the Nationals game, we did get tickets to a Potomac Nationals
game the next weekend. They are the single A team for the Nationals just up the interstate a little
from us. He was not nearly as enthused by the actual game, but still had fun and enjoyed popcorn,
seeing Cookie Monster and Uncle Slam, and we really enjoyed watching the fireworks after the game!

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