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tourists for a day

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It is really sad. We live just a short drive and short Metro ride away from DC, but we never go
into the city. Actually, I have been there since I first moved to the area in 2005. I guess we
always thought it was too big of a hassle. Luckily, our company planned a family day at the Washing-
ton Nationals Game, so we bought our tickets and headed up early to walk the city. Right off the
Federal Triangle Metro we saw the Old Post Office Pavilion. Such a beautiful building! After grabbing
a quick breakfast the fanciest McDonald's I have ever seen, we walked by Warner Theater, through
Freedom Plaza, through President's Park, back past the Old Post Office Pavilion, past the Internal
Revenue Service building, the Department of Justice, the J. Edgar Hoover building, and on over to
the Smithsonian. Will was a little overwhelmed by the Smithsonian, and it was pretty crowded and
loud so we headed on to the National Mall to find lunch. We also stopped through some of the sculp-
ture gardens. We enjoyed a nice relaxing lunch on the Mall. Then we walked in circles around the
National Mall to allow Will to nap before the game. It was nice to just walk and take in the sights.
It was a really easy day, and has given us the confidence that we can do this more often! Stay tuned
for more DC visits!!

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