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home sweet home 2013, part 1

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Will and I hit the road in early September for a 10 day visit in North Carolina with my parents.
To break up the 7 hour drive, we stopped for a while in Greensboro, NC to enjoy some Cheerwine,
chili dogs, and ice cream at Yum Yum! It is right on the edge of campus at my Alma Mater, UNC-
Greensboro. After lunch, we strolled around the campus and Will got to walk by the baseball
fields where his daddy used to play during his 2 years there. He was so excited about that!
We finally got to my parents house and settled in enjoying some college football. Will enjoyed
some bedtime stories on Pa-Pa's lap. It was so nice waking up the next morning at "home". We
spent the day in our pajamas, playing some baseball, football, and soccer before dinner. Will
watched Pa-Pa intently as he made dinner, and got silly with some tomatoes!

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