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home sweet home 2013, part 2

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We started out on our first adventure driving to the top of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak
east of the Mississippi River, and a mile above sea level. My dad came up here as a boy and
endured a much more difficult terrain. It is steep, but is nicely paved. The closer we got
to the top the faster the temperature dropped, and was about 30 degrees cooler at the top of
the mountain. Clouds were braking right on the mountain, and you could see and feel the moist-
ure as it breezed past. We were never able to see off the western side of the mountain because
of the dense clouds/fog. Will and Grandma sat for a rest and played with some rocks before we
headed back down. We stopped a few times on the way down the other side of the mountain
ridge. The views are just magnificent. The photos just don't it justice, but trust me, I could
stand/sit/lay all day and just stare out without saying a word and be perfectly content. Once
down, we headed into Asheville to try a new to us restaurant, Tupelo Honey. We enjoyed some
wonderful food, and even better biscuits with jam and, of course, honey. I just love how eclectic
downtown Asheville is with so much character all around. Will especially loved the cute bird
house, the water falls in the little courtyard, and the bluegrass players playing barefoot in
front of the Woolworth. He was definitely tapping his feet, and even tried a little jig in the
middle of crossing the street. He was totally tuning his mountain heritage!

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